Bracket Frame Pattern

bracket frame patternDoes anyone else suffer from a case of the procrastinations?  Me, Me, Me, I do!  Luckily this blog is helping me actually finish projects :-)  My friend bought this cute vinyl cut out on a group dealz of sorts oh maybe 2 years ago (from StyleWithVinyl).  She thought it would be so cute in her daughters room.  The vinyl is a chalkboard/dry erase vinyl, so awesome for a calendar.  She asked me a couple of months ago if I could whip up a frame for the calendar, and of course I would.  Luckily her daughter’s birthday was coming up, so I had a deadline, and I procrastinated until the deadline…ha ha. Continue reading

Whimsical Birdhouse

whimsical cottage birdhouse patternOh I am so excited for Spring!  Nothing says Spring like hearing the birds chirp, keeping the windows and doors open because the temperature is perfect, the blossoms on the trees, and everything turning green again.  Ahh how I love Spring.   A fun way to celebrate spring is to build a birdhouse with the kiddies.

I’ve made a pattern for a fun little whimsical birdhouse.  It was inspired by this super cute birdhouse that I saw on Pinterest, it was sold in an etsy shop and is no longer available.  Mine is definitely simplified, but it still carries the fun curves and whimsical appeal.  Continue reading

Entertainment Center (PB media center plan) Doors

Media Center side view hertoolbeltThis is final part (part 5) in our PB media center build!  Wahoo, we are making doors.  We first built the TV Console, Cabinets & Toy Storage, Bookshelves and Bridge.   We have a few options with our doors.  In the PB magazine, they used inset doors.  Inset doors are flush with the face frame.  Overlay doors stand out from the face frame.  I made the media center with inset doors, keeping with the design in the magazine.  Continue reading

Entertainment Center (PB media center plan) – Bookshelves

Media center free plansThis is part 3 of the PB media center build.  We first built the TV Console, then the Cabinets & Toy Drawers for the PB media center.  Now we are onto the bookshelves.  The bookshelves and bridge are the easiest part of this build, they’ll be done in no time.



Continue reading

Easiest way to disassemble a pallet and keep the nail holes

Today’s Tool Time is all about disassembling a pallet…but keeping the nail holes.  If  you’ve ever tried to take apart a pallet with a hammer, you know it is a pain in the rear.  Plus you probably cracked a number of your slats (that you wanted to keep.)  Using a reciprocating saw (sawzall) is a simple way to cleanly disassemble a pallet, not crack the boards and keep the ends of the boards with the nail hole character.  Use either a carbide tip blade or a metal only blade, either make this job slick and easy.


Reciprocating Saw (Sawzall) how to’s & tips

Today’s Tool Time is about the Reciprocating Saw also known as the Sawzall.  The reciprocating saw is great for difficult area that you need to make a cut.  Wood and metal saw blades are easily interchanged, and blades come at various lengths.  Cuts using the reciprocating saw are probably not the most precise or smooth, but it’ll do the job.

Note: I’m not affiliated with Ryobi, but I like their tools.

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Baby Animal Days 2014 & Giveaway

Are you ready for Spring?  I am!  Robin Williams once said,

Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s Party!” 

Baby Animal Days

And USU Extension has got a party planned for us.  I’m so excited to attend this years  Baby Animal Days at the USU Botanical Center in Kaysville, Ut.

baby animal days dates Continue reading

Entertainment center (PB media center plan)

media center free plansI built this entertainment center a few years ago, it was so long ago that it was before the days of Pinterest.  Do you remember those days?  Dog-eared magazines, bookmarked websites and real physical folders with ideas in them, holy cow what did we ever do before pinterest? :-)  One day I was perusing through my Pottery Barn magazine and saw this beautiful media center.  I do love Pottery Barn and buy things from them, but I can’t stomach their furniture prices, because I know I can make it for less.  This media center was listed for $2799, and it cost me approximately $300 to build it myself. Continue reading