Geometric Wall – Taping it Modern

Geometric Wall - pre turquoise stripes beforeA couple of years ago, I wanted to redo my mudroom and make it more functional and a little fun.  The mudroom is hidden from the main part of the house, so I wasn’t worried about the decor matching.

I built a shoe shelf bench and cabinets.  Stripes on wall were really big then, so I decided to go bold and paint turquoise stripes!

Well the only thing missing in that space was the fish…because my small mudroom felt like an aquarium!



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Install A Customizable Shower Head

Install a customizable shower head in less than 10 min on hertoolbelt.comI recently went to a DIY conference called Haven.  It is a big gathering of DIY enthusiasts (mostly bloggers) that gather together and learn tips and tricks for DIY projects.  Besides bloggers and DIY enthusiasts there are vendors, who show off and teach how to use their products.  Sometimes the vendors give away products to try.  WaterPik was at this conference showing off their cool shower heads and they gave away this cool Spray Shaper shower head. Continue reading

Painted Pillows and Fabric

Painted Pillows tutorial on

pinnable image below

Update:  So I’m a little embarrassed that I posted about my FAIL before I figured out what I did wrong.  Thanks to Stacy at, I’ve corrected my ways.  The tutorial updates are in RED.

I am way outside of my norm with this project.  I rarely venture into the textiles arena.  I’m not much of a sewer, but I do like hand embroidery, go figure!  So if I can do this project, ANYONE can do this project.

I am updating my mudroom and wanted to add pillows on the bench.  Pillows can be so expensive.  I’ve seen painted curtains and pillows on Pinterest and thought I would try it out.   Continue reading

Tips to make a sign with perfect lines

'Things' sign made with a frog tape stencil on

pinnable image at bottom of post

This ‘THINGS’ sign is another element in my newly revamped mudroom & command center project: Save my counters!  I wanted to make a painted sign, but I have horrific handwriting and my hand painting skills are really really lacking.  This is the easiest method to have perfect lines, like you get with a vinyl stencil…but without the expensive vinyl cutter.   Continue reading

Lavender Tower

Lavender bush #hertoolbeltI have had a Lavender bush in my herb garden for a few years.  I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never done anything with it.  This year the bush did really well and I thought I should at least do something with the sprigs.  I’ve seen some super cute wreaths and ideas on pinterest.  I thought a lavender orb or sphere might be really cool, very 3-D and lots of texture Continue reading

Vintage Keyhole – Key Holder

Vintage Keyhole - key holder pattern on

pinnable image at bottom of post

I wanted to make a key holder for my new command center.  Our old one just wasn’t working.  It had 4 large pegs, and the key rings were hard to get on the pegs, so a lot of the time, the keys weren’t where they should be.  You know how frustrating that can be :-)  I thought it might be fun to make the key holder look like an old vintage keyhole.  The decorative radiator grate idea came from a previous Jewelry Display Project.   Continue reading

Rustic Ampersand ‘and’ symbol

Chunky rustic ampersand 'and' symbol pattern on

pinnable image at bottom of post

I have been seeing those ampersand signs everywhere lately.  The ampersand ‘and’ symbol really adds a touch of whimsy to engagement pictures, baby announcements, bookcases, walls etc.  I love it.  I have been working on revamping my mudroom.  I want it to be a ‘functional’ command center, to hopefully help reduce clutter on the counter…HOPEFULLY!  So I had an idea of ‘Keys & Things’; and thought it would be a fun way to add an ampersand for a little functional decoration.   Continue reading

Woof ‘Em: a delicious campfire treat

woof-em delicious campfire treat

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Have you ever had a Woof ‘em?

Make these sticks for as low as $1.25 each.

Woof-em stick assembly

(FYI I originally did a guest post over at Made to be a Momma sharing how to make this Woof ‘Em stick as seen below.)

We love to cook dutch oven dinner and roast hot dogs and marshmallows, but my friend recently told me about the most delicious campfire treat – Woof ‘ems.  Have you tried them?   Continue reading

Tennis Ball Pallet Sign

on hertoolbelt.comDo we have any tennis fans out there?  Tennis has been my favorite sport to play since I was young.  We had the best coach in town, Coach Braithwaite.  He was an avid supporter of the game of tennis and coached at the High School until he was nearly 80.  A couple of years ago, I went to the US Open with my friend, a fellow tennis lover, and a past tennis teammate.  For her birthday I made a tennis ball pallet sign, inspired by the US Open.  A tennis ball pallet sign is a fun decor addition for any tennis lover.

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10 Tools for Dad – That You’ll Secretly Love too

10 Tools for Dad that youll secretly loveFather’s Day is just around the corner.  I’m always struggling to think of something great to give my Dad and my husband.  Nothing says ‘You’re the world’s Best Dad’ like Tools!  Have you ever been guilty of giving someone a present that you really wanted or was for you to use?  Or even received a present that your significant other wanted :-)  Or are my parents the only ones guilty of that?  One Christmas my Dad gave my Mom a model RC airplane…so funny, he didn’t even try to disguise that one!

I have compiled a list of 10 Tools for Dad that he’ll think are really for him, but secretly they can be for your DIY projects too. Continue reading